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About Us

As a specialist in environmental and flow sensors, ScioSense is helping companies use the planet’s vital resources more sustainably to ensure we all live healthier lives.

Areas of expertise

We focus on several sensor types: humidity, gas/air quality, temperature, pressure and flow. Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art component or looking for full functional applications, we can help you.

We add value by developing innovative, cutting-edge products that fit today’s challenges. In addition, we can develop custom solutions that truly set you apart from your competition.

Your benefits

We solve your problem and save you valuable time and money. Our products are extremely accurate and very durable. So, if you are looking for a reliable partner, with a strong focus on innovation and a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, ScioSense is your partner!

Broad customer base

Our customer base can be found in a wide range of markets. From Automotive and Industrial to Consumer goods and Environmental. We serve them all. From OEM’s, Tier 1’s, Tiers 2’s and others.

You can contact us for a broad range of off-the-shelf products and applications as well as for advice on innovations tailored to your specific needs. We serve our customers across the globe.

Four decades of experience

Although ScioSense was founded in 2019, our historical footprint is much larger. Established as a joint venture between AMS (49%) and Wise Road Capital (51%), the experience and knowledge of AMS is incorporated in ScioSense. This even dates back to the times of ACAM and Applied Sensors. Wise Road Capital provides in-depth knowledge of the market and sufficient funding to ensure a stable and capable company. With a solid track record and a strong focus on environmental, flow and pressure sensor solutions for the global market we are more than ready and capable to provide the market with innovative solutions.

The ScioSense team consists of more than 100 employees and is growing rapidly, offering support and knowledge around the globe.

Our products

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