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Sensor Interfaces

Sensor interface ICs enable a system to read out information from the input signal generated by complex sensors, providing a suitable output signal that is easy for a host system to display or process. ScioSense sensor interfaces offer high accuracy, precision and sensitivity even when operating in harsh environments.

PICOCAP Capacitive Sensing

PICOCAP is a Capacitance-to-Digital Converter (CDC) which uses the patented PICOCAP measuring principle to interface to a broad range of capacitive sensors. The input capacitance can range between a femtoFarad and hundreds of nanoFarads, which means that there is almost no limit to the size of capacitor. The multi-channel CDC provides a high degree of flexibility with respect to accuracy, speed and operating current. A powerful integrated CPU enables on-chip linearization and temperature measurement and compensation.

Product overview

Product name
PCAP04 Capacitance-to-Digital Converter

PCap04 is a capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) with integrated digital signal processor (DSP) for on-chip data post-processing. Its front end is based on the PICOCAP principle. This conversion principle offers outstanding flexibility with respect to power consumption, resolution and speed. Further, PCap04 covers a wide capacitance input range from a few femtofarads up to several hundreds of nanofarads. It is easy to configure the PCap04 for different capacitance measurement tasks, i.e. single as well as differential sensors in both, grounded or floating connection. The on-chip DSP allows to implement sensor algorithms like linearization and temperature compensation, with data output in a digital (SPI or IIC) or analog (PDM/PWM) way.

Product name
PCAP02 Capacitance-to-Digital Converter

Low power capacitance-to-digital converter with wide input range (from fF to nF) and versatile configuration options. PCap02 can be configured for highest sampling rates up to 500kHz, lowest current consumption down to 2µA or lowest noise of 15 aF (rms). The internal signal processor allows for power-efficient and fast calculations, e.g. for sensor linearization or complex arithmetics.

Product name
PCAP01 Capacitance-to-Digital Conversion Digital Signal Processor

PCapØ1 is a dedicated Capacitance-to-Digital Conversion Digital Signal Processor. Its front end is based on acam‘s patented 4→ principle. This conversion principle offers high resolution at conversion times as short as 2 µs. Customers benefit from outstanding flexibility for optimizing power consumption, resolution and speed.

PICOSTRAIN Resistive Sensing

The Resistance-to-Digital Converters (RDCs), based on the pure digital PICOSTRAIN measuring principle, combine very high precision with very low power consumption. Featuring an on-chip CPU, the PICOSTRAIN devices enhance the performance of resistive pressure sensors, force sensors, weighing scales and many other applications.