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Endless combinations of sensor technologies

Our sensors are tailored to the most demanding customer needs and designed to accommodate specific application requirements. ScioSense environmental and flow sensors have been developed in collaboration with industry experts to achieve the best combination of accuracy, reliability and ease of integration. This means reduced system maintenance costs, shorter development times and better products for your customers.


Used across the globe in many industries

ScioSense sensors cover applications targeted by global industries.

  • Automotive – Air Quality Sensing for Climate Control
    Unpleasant odors and unhealthy gases are kept out of the cabin by continuously monitoring the air quality outside the car.
  • Home and Building Automation | Air conditioning and air purifiers
    Monitoring temperature, humidity and concentration of harmful gases to guarantee best living conditions.
  • Consumer | Flow
    Measuring the flow of gas, water and electricity at home, mainly for cost calculation, but also in water management for irrigation.
  • Industrial |  Flow
    Measuring the flow of gas and fluids, mainly for big diameters, but also in pumps for efficiency management.

ScioSense products are complete solutions for your needs and are used in a wide range of markets and applications. Our high-quality sensors and sensor solutions offer maximum results and are known for their high reliability, durability and flexibility. All our products are focused on one goal: ensuring reliable data measurement. Whether you work on safety, health, environment or cost-efficiency, our products are here to help you achieve your goals.

We also help you improve your applications using our sensors. We can support you in your design and implementation journey starting from the right product selection to industrialization. Our sensor fusion software takes into account specific product, system and application characteristics to deliver best overall performance from a multi-sensor solution.



Our sensor solutions for the automotive industry are known for their high reliability, consistent performance over time and broadband gas detection range. Our sensor technology, already in use by major automotive manufacturers with over 50 million units shipped to date, helps reduce exposure to harmful air pollutants and improves comfort to driver and passengers. The low power consumption makes them suitable for electric vehicles too.

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Gas sensing

ScioSense has deep roots in the gas sensor industry. Our patented multi-hotplate Metal-Oxide (MOX) technology enables detection of a broad range of harmful gases while discarding those irrelevant to the application (for example, alcohol).

Our sensor fusion team has combined deep technology know-how and field-measured data to deliver products with best-in-class performance, consistency and repeatability.

We know every customer is different, and applications evolve. We can mix a range of gas-sensitive chemical components, or develop new ones, providing a unique gas detection profile that fits to your application needs.

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Flow sensing

ScioSense is one of the leading manufacturers of flow sensing applications. Our sensor technology is extremely accurate, has excellent power efficiency and requires little maintenance. For the measurement of liquid and gas flows you can rely on our decades of experience and innovative sensors.

We help manufacturers of water and gas meters to cut system costs, reduce the size and improve the performance of their products.

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Humidity sensing

Humidity sensing is ubiquitous in HVAC systems, home appliances and smart home solutions. ScioSense offers humidity sensors with top-class accuracy, reliability and durability.

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Pressure sensing

The main focus of pressure sensor technology is detecting changes in pressure, even at very low changes in pressure. Our sensor applications are known for their high accuracy, fast registration and low power consumption. Up to a few centimeters can be detected! The small and cost-effective design makes our sensors ideal for every market, ranging from high-end and demanding to high volume and price-sensitive solutions.

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Environmental sensing

The first step to protect your health and well-being is to always be aware of the quality of the air you breathe. ScioSense is a pioneer in low-power, highly-integrated sensor technologies monitoring the environmental conditions we work and live in. Our broadband VOC (volatile organic compound) detect harmful gases in outdoor and indoor environments. VOC and CO2 concentrations in the air are strongly correlated and their monitoring and control is known to improve comfort, alertness and productivity. Humidity sensors are key components in A/C and ventilation systems.

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