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We are a leading company in cutting edge sensing technology. With over four decades of experience and knowledge we can honestly say we have seen it all. If you have a challenge, we have the solution. Innovative, easy to handle, reliable and affordable.

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Introducing the ENS21x family

ScioSense launches the unique ENS21x family of high-performance digital temperature and humidity sensors.

With industry leading accuracies down to 0.1°C temperature and 0.8% relative humidity, their rapid response and reliable, long-term performance the ENS21x family addresses the fields of home appliances, building and automotive HVAC, cold chain management, personal health and wellness monitoring, industrial automation and instrumentation.

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Introducing the ENS220

ScioSense launches the ENS220, an ultra-low power barometric pressure and temperature sensor in a compact package which offers outstanding speed, resolution and accuracy.

Setting a new standard in the market for small surface-mount pressure sensors, the ENS220 is the result of an important technical innovation. While competing pressure sensors are comprised of a MEMS sensor membrane co-packaged with a CMOS signal-processing ASIC, the ENS220 is different: both the sensor membranes and the ASIC are implemented in CMOS silicon in a single monolithic chip.

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Innovation based on proven technology

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We serve the market with several sensor types: humidity, gas/air quality, temperature, pressure and flow. Whether you are looking for a single state-of-the-art component or need fully functional applications, we can help you.

We add value by developing innovative, cutting-edge products that fit today’s challenges. In addition, we can develop custom solutions that truly set you apart from the competition.

ScioSense believes in innovation based on proven technology. We like to challenge the status quo. Why settle if new possibilities are on the horizon? That is where our strength lies. Going where no one has gone before. On-site and at our own state of the art R&D facilities. Together we are able to provide you with solutions that change the world, create unique applications and help you develop products that will leave your competitors behind.

Our products

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We solve your problem and save you valuable time and money. Our products and applications are extremely accurate and very durable. So, if you are looking for a reliable partner, with a strong focus on innovation and a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, ScioSense is your partner!

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Our products are used in a wide range of markets, from Automotive and Industrial to Consumer goods. We work with the whole supply chain, servicing OEMs, Tier 1s, Tiers 2s and others. You can contact us for a broad range of off-the-shelf products and applications as well as for the development of custom solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

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