UFM-01 Ultrasonic Flow Sensing Module

UFM-01 Ultrasonic Flow Sensing Module

The UFM-01 is a complete unit including the sensor electronics, spool piece, connectors with standard ½” thread, and a cable connector supporting single-wire and UART interfaces.

The module is based on ScioSense contactless ultrasonic flow sensor technology, which does away with the rotors and other mechanical parts in traditional Hall sensor-based flow sensors. 

By contrast, the ultrasonic UFM-01 does not contain moving parts and offers an unlimited lifetime when operated according to datasheet specifications. The UFM-01 is suitable for use with food-grade material, and can directly measure drinking water flows. 

Accurate to at least ±5 % at flow rates above 60 l/hr, the UFM-01 enables precise control of liquid flow and – via a built-in temperature sensor – liquid temperature in the control systems of products such as boilers, smart taps, beverage brewing machines and more.

UFM-01 Ultrasonic Flow Sensing Module

UFM-01 features and benefits


  • High accuracy: Up to 5% accuracy at wide range
  • Wide sensing range: 0 to 2000 l/h
  • Low power: 2mA average current with single 5 V power supply
  • Standard interface: UART, 1-wire communication


  • Long-time reliability
  • Cost effective
  • Food grade material

Product properties


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