Automotive sensor modules

Automotive sensor modules

ScioSense’s automotive products are used by major automotive OEMs around the globe to help improve vehicle’s energy efficiency, safety and in-cabin comfort.

From the water box to the windshield, ScioSense automotive HVAC sensors detect air quality and determine precise dewpoints and temperatures for HVAC systems to optimize evaporator setpoints, defog windshields or simply close recirculation valves on outside air pollutants. All for the benefit of energy savings, passenger safety and well-being. 

As electric vehicles continue to shape the future of transportation, ensuring robust battery safety is paramount to mitigate the risks of thermal runaways. ScioSense maintains a series of battery condition monitoring solutions for detection and prevention of such events. 

There is much more to automotive environmental sensing. At ScioSense, finding innovations and tailoring products to customer needs is our daily job. 

Automotive HVAC sensor modules

Product description

Fully automotive-qualified module for automatic HVAC air intake control.

Automotive-grade battery condition monitor for early thermal runaway / thermal propagation detection in Li-Ion batteries.

Fully automotive-qualified module for dewpoint detection in automotive HVAC systems.