Pressure sensors

ENS220 barometric pressure and temperature sensor

Barometric pressure sensors measure atmospheric pressure and temperature changes, aiding in altitude estimation and environment mapping.

By analyzing pressure variations, devices can determine changes in altitude, helping indoor navigation devices guiding users through complex indoor spaces or helping fitness trackers monitor stairs climbed..

The ScioSense ENS220 capacitive pressure sensor is integrated on a CMOS ASIC. This single die solution not only allows small form factor packages with excellent immunity to changes in environmental conditions, but also achieves ultra-low current consumption due to the capacitive read-out.

ENS220 Barometric pressure and temperature sensor


Mobile/Wearables: activity tracking, indoor localization/navigation, fall detection

Gaming, AR/VR, Drones: height tracking

Appliances/HVAC: filter clogging detection

White goods: liquid level detection

Medical: blood pressure measurement

Accurate temperature meter for gasses and surfaces