ENS16x Digital Metal-Oxide Multi-Gas Sensor Family

ENS16x Digital Metal-Oxide Multi-Gas Sensor Family

ENS16x Digital Metal-Oxide Multi-Gas Sensor Family.

Versatile Digital Air Quality Sensors for Building Automation, Appliances & Consumer Applications.

ENS16x is a range of digital multi-gas metal oxide (MOX) sensors, specifically designed for indoor air quality monitoring, offering an unrivalled wealth of fully-processed outputs including low-power operating modes.

With its innovative TrueVOC® technology, the ENS16x combines detection of a wide range of gases including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oxidizing gases with intelligent on-chip algorithms.

It calculates a series of fully processed outputs such as CO2-equivalents, TVOC-equivalents, a 5-step Air Quality Index (AQI) according to the UBA (German Environment Agency) and a 500-step relative AQI according to ScioSense. Moreover, the ENS16x offers full humidity compensation plus low-power operating modes for power-constrained designs.

ENS16x features and benefits


  • Multiple, fully processed air quality outputs
    (eCO2, eTVOC, various AQIs)
  • Current consumption down to 150μA (low-power modes)
  • Hassle-free on-chip data processing


  • Freedom of air quality signal choice
  • Meeting power-constrained applications
  • No libraries needed – no impact on host CPU

Product properties

  • Environment -40 to +85°C / 5 to 95% rH
  • VDD 1.71 to 1.98V
  • Dimensions 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.9 mm


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Related Tools

ENS160 & ENS161 evaluation kits

The evaluation kit evaluates the ENS16x sensor that is designed for indoor air quality monitoring.

The  evaluation kit comprises of an ENS160 and an ENS210 break-out board and micro-USB-to-I2C converter. An extra USB 2.0 type A to USB mini type B cable is required for a connection to a PC.