At ScioSense, we believe in partnering with our
customers to create the best possible solutions. 

We take a consultative approach and work closely with you from
start to finish to deliver a solution that meets your needs.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire development
process, from conception to completion. Our experienced application
engineers are available to assist you, and we also have access to a
network of world-class partners who can provide specialized expertise.

Design services

Customer-Specific Solution

At ScioSense, we provide custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Here are some examples of customer-specific solutions that we have provided in the past:

Ultrasonic flow converters:
As the main measuring unit is a purely digital one, we could adopt our existing solutions by custom-specific modifications to fit perfectly in our customer’s system design.

Air quality sensor:
Our customer was seeking a special air quality sensor behavior which was provided to them as customer-specific firmware for the ENS160 which was then uploaded to their sensor module during production.

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Find all the technical documentation you need to accelerate your product
development, from datasheets to application notes.


For all our evaluation kits you can navigate to our download section to get the dedicated software packages.
In addition we offer firmware and driver codes via Github.


ScioSense deeply cares about the quality and reliability of our sensors. 

Our sensor solutions offer accuracy over time and have been tested rigorously, often in the most extreme conditions to mimic accelerated lifetime performance.

Quality and Reliability greatly influences customer satisfaction as well as our ecological footprint through reduced CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

ScioSense’s Quality Management Systems have been under continuous development since the beginning. To date, ScioSense has been accredited with:

ISO 9001 (in 2021)
IATF 16949 (in 2021)
ISO14001 (in 2022)
TISAX Information Security (in 2023)

To support continuous improvement of our quality and reliability practices, ScioSense is currently preparing a certification for our test house facilities under ISO17025.

Technical support!

In case of a technical problem, please contact us with a detailed description of your needs.