Air quality and particulate matter sensors

Air quality indoors

The first step to protecting your health and well-being is to always be aware of the quality of air that surrounds you.

ScioSense environmental sensors identify VOCs, harmful gases and aerosols and safely detect humidity and temperature, indoors and outdoors.

Monitoring these important parameters enhances alertness and comfort and productivity and help A/C and ventilation systems efficiently improve our well-being.

APC1 Air Quality Combo Sensor for Air Purification, Ventilation and Home & Building Automation

Product description

Matchbox size air quality sensor for air purification, ventilation and Home & Building Automation

ENS16x is a range of digital multi-gas metal oxide (MOX) sensors, specifically designed for indoor air quality monitoring

Automotive-grade, micro-machined, multi-gas / air quality sensor ASIC with integrated Arm Cortex-M0 CPU.