LTDC-X3 Time-to-Digital Converter

LTDC-X3 is a high-performance 2-channel time-to-digital converter specifically designed for single-beam LIDAR systems.

It has a separate START channel, measures up to 4 pulses on rising and/or falling edges, has a pulse-paire resolution as low as 5 ns, a typical rms resolution of 20ps and a range up to 2.4 µs. It integrates a start pulse generator for trigger signals to an external laser diode driver. 

Equipped with a quad SPI interface the data rate can be as high as 50MHz / 200MBPS. 

It comes in a QFN32 package and works in the industrial temperature range.

LTDC-X3 Time-to-Digital Converter

LTDC-X3 features and benefits


  • Two TDC stop channels, separate TDC start channel
  • Pulse measurements on rising and falling edge
  • Minimal pulse width 2.5ns
  • Minimal pulse-to-pulse spacing 5ns (combined channels)
  • Stop measurement of up to 4 pulse on rising and falling edge
  • Stop mask Window
  • Maximal measuring range 2.4us
  • Typical rms Resolution 20ps
  • Stop input Comparator compatible with LVDS 50MHz/200MBPS
  • Quad SPI interface
  • Start pulse generator including configurable phase noise
  • Operational temperature range -40°C to 125
  • QFN32/24 package


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